More about Psychic Carolina

Carolina is a Professional Intuitive and Certified Psychic Medium. Born with the gift to see and feel Aura and Energy of a person, Carolina has the power to go deep within ones inner self and reveal Past, Present, and Future experiences. With such high frequency abilities to give extremely accurate Psychic Readings revealed to Carolina at an early age, she was devoted to only grow into her abilities fully, and use her gift to help others who are in immediate need, just as her ancestors before her.

Carolina has studied in the art of Tarot, Past Life, Aura, Soul Mates & Twin Flames, Crystals, Meditation, Career Forecasts, Chakras, Spiritual Cleansing and has mastered them all, this is why you pay for the quality of service, you get what you pay for!

Through your reading you will find Honesty, Confidentiality, and Understanding. Carolina's reading style is "Honest, Compassionate, Confident, and to the point" Carolina will not tell you what you want to hear But what you need to hear, and she will tell you what she sees good or bad. Carolina says that "you need to be open to having a reading, I don't expect to connect with everyone 100% of the time. If you are not open to a reading or if I just can't connect I will always inform you" Carolina has devoted most of her life to her work and she says "I am not just a reader, energy worker, healer, or spiritualist but I am also a teacher" Carolina loves to teach her clients how to maintain their own spiritual balance, she designs meditations and teaches courses.