We do our best to stay informed of Community Events in Downtown Modesto that affect our street parking and local parking garages. However, some events are assembled last minute without our knowledge. These events could possibly affect the public parking around our building. Unfortunately, we have no authority to control these events. Please keep an open mind when booking your event with us that your event date may be shared with a local Downtown Modesto Community Event.


Downtown Modesto has three parking garages and five pay-by-space parking lots.  There are several parking structures just steps away from The Century! There are also street parking spaces available around our building. 

*You may pre-purchase parking for your guests by contacting the City of Modesto Parking Services Office at (209) 342-4578.

Here is everything you need to know about parking downtown!

Parking Garages

9th Street Garage – 9th Street between K St & L St
10th Street Garage – Corner of 11th St & K St 
11th Street Garage – 11th Street between I St & J St

Parking Garage Fees: $1.25 per hour  

**You may also get lucky and find free parking (for two hours) on the street.


All Garages have Automated Fee Collection Stations. Take your ticket with you. You must pay at the Automated Pay Station before returning to your vehicle.

Automated Pay Stations are located on the 1st Floor near the Elevator in each garage. At the large Pay Station you can pay with cash, coin, credit or debit card. At the smaller Express Parc you can pay with debit or credit card.

  • Take your ticket with you Pay before returning to your vehicle

  • Take care of your ticket; do not fold, spindle, mutilate, place near cell phone or other magnet source. Lost or damaged ticket - Daily Max Fee $15

  • Do not park in the driving lanes when paying your fee

  • Before retrieving your change from the bin be sure the machine is done dispensing

  • Press the intercom button if you need assistance or call 209-342-2216

Pay-By-Space Parking Lot Info

$1 per hour or $5 flat fee

How to Use

  • Know your space number

  • Pay your parking fee prior to going to your destination

  • Touch any key to wake meter

    1. Press #1 for new transaction

    2. Enter space number

    3. Pay

      • Insert credit card, push the “+add” button for the number of hours you will be parked.

      • Insert exact bill or coin for the number of hours you will be parked.

    4. Push the Green “Print” button to approve your transaction and receive a receipt.

Parking Tips

  • Know your space number

  • Use exact change - Pay-by-Space Meters DO NOT give change.

  • For Assistance Call 209-342-2216