Mailbox Memberships

Welcome to Nine3One located in Downtown Modesto!

Are you ready to have a premium business address for all of your business mail to be sent to?
You have come to the right place. Let us help you take your business to the next level!


You will receive a premium business address with a suite number. You are able to pick up your mail at our facility during business hours. We will notify you via phone call, text or email when mail or packages arrive for you. If you do not live near our facility, then you can request for us to open and scan the mail to you.

A mailbox membership gives business owners a professional-looking business address without sacrificing home address privacy and spending a considerable amount of money on a physical location. Many home-based business owners use a virtual business address instead of their home address to place on business cards, flyers, website, and business documents. Place your business in the best possible location with a credible address and mail handling service with Nine3One!

Many businesses use mailbox rentals for the following reasons:

  • They prefer to maintain their business and home address separate by not co-mingling the two.

  • It makes administrative life easier when you can separate the business and personal item flow.

  • It creates credibility when a customer, supplier or vendor checks to see where you’re located. A street address appears more professional to business contacts than a PO Box.

  • You are notified automatically when there is something in your box.

  • Packages can be received securely during the business day.

This Mailbox Membership comes complimentary with all Office Memberships.