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Customized Options and Add ons

  • Multiple Member Option for Businesses with 3 or more employees -

We want to provide our clients with the option of providing a workspace for their employees without having to pay for a membership for each employee. We will start your company off with a flat rate and at one employee visit at a time. If you would like to have multiple employees come in at the same time, a small fee will be added for each member. This is a great way to provide a quiet, professional workspace for your employees to get some work done.

$200 per month + $40 added per month, per member to work at the same time as other employees


  • Mailbox Only - 

Enjoy working from home, but want a commercial address? You can have all of your mail sent to our location. We will provide you with a key to your mailbox and you can grab your mail during office hours.

$25 per month

  • Breezway Rental

Our breezeway is our “outside” space. It has a roof, but the front and back of the breezeway is open to the fresh air. This is a great addition to the room rental as it provides you with more space. We stage the space with pub tables and lounge furniture.

$100 per hour

  • Customized Package

Need our assistance to plan out the perfect event? We can create a custom package with food, beverage, entertainment, etc. We are event experts and would love to create the perfect event for you!

Price Varies - Contact us